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Advisory Board Welcomes Liana Lianov

The Diary is very pleased to announce that Liana Lianovhas joined the Advisory Board of Lifetime Health Diary.

Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM – Lifestyle Medicine Leader, Health Behavior Interventions Consultant, Speaker, and Innovator @HealthType. National leader in Lifestyle Medicine and innovator of engaging health behavior interventions. Liana is the founder, HealthType™–offers digital programs and interactive workshops for health professionals and lay audiences. @HealthType. Liana’s passion lies in how to use brain function strengths to achieve and stick with healthy habits and gain emotional energy/happiness. Medical specialties: Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Internal Medicine; fellowship in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. Experience in government, nonprofit and for-profit sectors with progressive leadership roles, Leader in national professional and physician organizations. Teaching/mentorship at academic institution
My passion is to develop low cost and sustainable ways for individuals and populations to develop and maintain habits for physical and mental health: including healthy lifestyles, managing stress, adhering to health screenings and medications, and gaining emotional energy/happiness. This goal can be accomplished by leveraging supportive environments and health systems, digital tools and positive psychology.
Recently my experience has focused on lifestyle medicine, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles for both the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and significantly lowering the cost of health care. The LM community is defining the skills and knowledge needed for physicians to offer high quality lifestyle medicine services within the current health care environment.

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