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Advisory Board Welcomes Lyle Bootman

The Diary is very pleased to announce that Lyle Bootman has joined the Advisory Board of Lifetime Health Diary.

J. Lyle Bootman, PhD, ScD. Chair of Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Bootman is senior vice president for health sciences at the University of Arizona and has served as dean of the UA College of Pharmacy since 1987. He is professor of pharmacy, medicine and public health, and a fellow of several professional associations, including the American Pharmacists Association, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the American College of Apothecaries. He is the founding and executive director of the University of Arizona Center for Health Outcomes and PharmacoEconomic (HOPE) Research, one of the first such centers developed in the world. He is also a founding director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute (HTI), the first company launched to truly advance our country’s healthcare system by developing new delivery models in improving patient health care value, patient outcomes, and services. He is former president of the American Pharmacists Association and president emeritus of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Society.

Dr. Bootman has authored more than 285 research articles, books and monographs, and has been an invited speaker at more than 600 professional healthcare meetings and symposia. He was selected as one of the 50 most influential pharmacists in the U.S. by American Druggist, and has received numerous outstanding scientific achievement awards, most notably from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Research for his research which pioneered the field of pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes. He has published several books including the first textbook introducing the principles of pharmacoeconomics, which is utilized in more than 40 countries and translated in seven languages. His research regarding the outcomes of drug-related morbidity and mortality receives worldwide attention by the professional and the public media.


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