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Bastille Day + The Storming of The Diary

Today, we reflect upon the history of liberation and celebrate the official launch of Lifetime Health Diary. Both days mark a moment within our history where a revolution took place. For us, it’s a data revolution providing each of us the opportunity to obtain and manage critical and valuable personal health data. Bastille Day, symbolic for liberation of the French public reminds us how each cause for freedom is worth fighting for – we stand for data sovereignty and believe we have the right to access and own our personal records.  Liberation continues to be a central part of France’s core ideals and we chose July 14th as our official launch date as this day is what liberation is for all.


We, The Diary

We believe in the evolution of innovation, liberation, and self-reliance.

We believe in providing versatile products that meet the needs of the people.

We believe care is the primary motive underlying our products and services.

We believe in privacy. Our customers own and have complete control of their data.

We believe in the whole picture, not fragmented meaningless data.

We believe in meaningful, actionable data that can be shared in real time.

We believe in sovereign and empowered decision making.

We believe that collaboration fosters creative ideas and inspired solutions.

We believe in acknowledging the unique and valuable skills of each person.

We believe in radical transparency. It is how we work together, and for you.

And frankly, we won’t settle for anything less.


At The Diary we live by our Culture. We believe it is essential to survive and thrive as a nimble, self-managed organization distributed around the globe, in a world where information and events move much faster than any centralized manager or leader can respond to. We are all leaders and managers now. As Frederick Laloux (“Reinventing Organizations”) speaks of, we each intuit the Evolutionary Purpose of our company, bring our Whole Person to work, and use the principles of Self-Management to interact as individuals and teams. We publish our Culture Book freely on the internet for everyone who comes in contact with our company to understand how we operate, and also so that everyone outside the company can hold us to account on our principles.

Read our Book of Culture to learn more.

After many late nights at the draft table over many years, we’ve pioneered The Diary to empower customers to tell their whole Health Story, for the first time ever. We call it “Your Health at a Glance”. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with phenomenal developers and dreamers who see the whole, big picture. We are now ready to revolutionize the way individuals see, manage, own, and communicate their personal health stories.

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