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The Diary CarePro’s COVID-19 Solution

An end-to-end virtual care solution that includes remote triage, monitoring and care delivery for patients in quarantine.

Remote Triage, Monitoring and Care Delivery

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Optimize Hospital Resources

Admit COVID-19 and uninfected patients to hospital only when necessary

Expand Hospital Capacity

Expand hospital capacity with Remote Monitoring and Care for patients in their homes or designated facilities; use real-time biometric data, patient surveys and telehealth visits to deliver care and refer to hospital ICU if necessary

Early Identification of COVID-19 Infections

Early identification with low cost Remote Triage of individuals in the community with COVID-19 symptoms for referral to evaluation, testing, quarantine and ICU services at hospital

Protect Care Team Members and Uninfected Patients

Minimize the need for physical contact with infected patients

Educate and Communicate

Easily communicate and deliver Surveys to patients or former patients

Deliver Hospital Quality Care While Managing Costs

Tailor triage, hospitalizations and monitoring based on risk factors/acuity of patient condition to keep overall costs as low as possible while preventing new infections and delivering high quality care


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