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Lifetime Health Diary in Action – Seeing my fathers medical records come to life

Last week I saw my father’s medical records come to life on the screen in front of me. It was quite a moment, and a long time coming. That we […]

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Kim Goodsell: ‘Patient of the Future’ gets her first Lifetime Health Diary

  Kim should probably not be alive today. That was the medical industry’s prognosis for her in the 1990’s. That she is alive is a testament to the hard work […]

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Regina Holliday Recommends Lifetime Health Diary at HIMMS

One of the most recognized and active patient advocates, Regina Holliday gives Lifetime Health Diary an outstanding review at this years HIMSS, the biggest gathering and display of Electronic Health […]

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Public APIs, the engaged patient’s new best friend

The world of healthcare infrastructure is moving very quickly, and it is all good news for engaged patients. Health IT Task Force Recommends Public APIs Seemingly out of the blue, […]

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Healthcare Value In The US – Can We Make It Happen?

By now, there is little debate about the dysfunction in the US Healthcare system. There is a lot of debate about the causes of the dysfunction, with everyone pointing to […]

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Are you harnessing the power of online healthcare?

It seems that, while they may fall through the gaps in the Obamacare scheme, there are still ways of taking care of many uninsured patients. MSNBCs Geoffrey Cowley wrote last […]

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How to put healthcare in your hands: Health Datapalooza IV

The fourth annual Health Datapalooza recently took place and the torrent of knowledge on developments in healthcare, especially in relation to the ongoing USA healthcare reform, was outstanding. With the US […]

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The hardships of being an IT industry entrepreneur

The Star (a Dunedin based print) interviewed Lifetime Health Diary™ on the experience of setting up in the field of I.T. and the challenges they faced with making the vision […]

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Privacy: the fine line between patient and consumer healthcare data

Healthcare is big business and the use of technologies by private firms is rising.  These privatized firms are businesses, and businesses exist to make money. That being said, EU Observer […]

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An update each day keeps the hospital away

Have you noticed Healthcare organizations in the U.S. and Canada already starting to develop online web-portals to combine or aggregate patient healthcare information? Some of them aim to make patients […]

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