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The future of medicine is in the hands of the individual – and CareKit is helping us get there.

The ownership of health data is shifting to the hands of the patient and opening the door to a new generation of technologies that will transform the face of medicine. […]

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Smart Choices For a Healthy Heart

When asked what disease they fear most, most Americans would say cancer. But in fact, cancer deaths are on the steady decline. The American Cancer Society’s recent report states that […]

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Why Blood Pressure Matters: how to do something about it right now

With the highly busy lives we all lead, it’s easy to ignore health problems that don’t loudly announce their presence. Hypertension is a sobering example. High blood pressure not only […]

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Quantified Self: A Movement With New Momentum

During a recent day of retrospection, I looked back at my health & fitness attitudes and approaches over the years. In what now seems a different life altogether, I was […]

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Will collecting health data make you healthier?

Of course the short answer is No.  But this is possibly the greatest allure to the health-conscious consumer – can I change something to my advantage and achieve a goal? […]

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Seth Godin’s simple form that could save your life – IMPROVED

Todays wisdom from Seth Godin is about a health form based on a google document that records all of your personal basic health information. That’s exactly what Lifetime Health Diary […]

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Healthcare companies still don’t “Get” Social Media

We came across a great article in Social Media Today, by Steve Olenski, looking at a PWC Report on the state of social media in the healthcare industry in the US. […]

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Awareness drives health improvements

As with so many other things in life, improved awareness can make a positive change to your health. Here’s a nice study where US barber shops installed blood pressure check […]

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To PHR or not to PHR

According to the statistics, only about 7 percent of the US population uses a Personal Health Record (PHR). The low adoption tells us that levels of patient empowerment and engagement […]

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Why Drugs Don’t Work. Adherence, Compliance and MTM

“These Drugs don’t work”. We hear that all the time. Yes, some of them unfortunately don’t. However, most of the time drugs do not work simply because they do not […]

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