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Why Drugs Don’t Work. Adherence, Compliance and MTM

“These Drugs don’t work”. We hear that all the time. Yes, some of them unfortunately don’t. However, most of the time drugs do not work simply because they do not […]

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Drugs, surgery and (sometimes) psychiatry. It isn’t enough!

One of the members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Stanley Pappelbaum (former CEO of Scripps hospital chain in San Diego, California) has a very succinct way of putting things. Sometimes […]

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The Benefits of Medication Management & Optimisation

My post last week on Tools to help pharmacies manage medications has received comment in various places, so I thought I would extend it out a little more. Last week […]

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What is the Secret to Better Health in Developing Societies?

Last week I went to a talk in Dunedin, New Zealand by one of the doers of the world, Dr Sujit Brahmochary, M.D. Dr Sujit started as a doctor with […]

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