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The Diary featured in The Australian Business Review

According to Chris Griffith, Technology reporter for The Australian Business Review, “The days of haphazardly following a GP’s advice will be over if health app developer The Diary has its […]

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The future of medicine is in the hands of the individual – and CareKit is helping us get there.

The ownership of health data is shifting to the hands of the patient and opening the door to a new generation of technologies that will transform the face of medicine. […]

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The Hidden Secrets Behind Your Symptoms

Earlier this year the New York Times published the article The Healing Power of Your Own Medical Records. In it, a patient called Steven Keating monitored what years earlier had been described […]

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Why “Bank Grade Security” is not enough

When it comes to your medical information, there are some critical security practices that can be used, and surprisingly these advanced protocols to keep your information safe are not practiced by everyone! […]

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Bastille Day + The Storming of The Diary

Today, we reflect upon the history of liberation and celebrate the official launch of Lifetime Health Diary. Both days mark a moment within our history where a revolution took place. For us, […]

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The Culture of Lifetime Health Diary

As a growing, innovative company, the culture of our community at Lifetime Health Diary looks very different than what you may have seen before. Right away, you’ll notice that the […]

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Why your Healthstory is important

Your Story – where you are in life right this minute, and how you got here, is important to any treatment you might receive under a doctor’s care. It’s so […]

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Docs, how do Patient Owned Health Records best assist your workflow?

By Kirk Saunders and Hamish MacDonald Eric Topol, MD, recently penned an editorial on Medscape entitled “Why Are Doctors and Hospitals the Owners of Patient Records?”. He asks provocatively, “…isn’t […]

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Public APIs, the engaged patient’s new best friend

The world of healthcare infrastructure is moving very quickly, and it is all good news for engaged patients. Health IT Task Force Recommends Public APIs Seemingly out of the blue, […]

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Healthcare Value – 4 Different Meanings

Shocker. Healthcare Value doesn’t mean the same to all stakeholders. This seems a pretty clear statement on its face, but most people are approaching healthcare value needs too holistically. Seeing the […]

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