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Your Health Story Matters To Doctors. Here’s why.

A few days ago I wrote about “How To Own & Control Your Medical Records”,  and after writing this piece I thought it was important to hear from some doctors. […]

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How To Own & Control Your Medical Records

Wall Street Journalist, Melinda Beck, recently wrote a great piece, “How to Take Charge of Your Medical Records”. The advice is simple and powerful, but unfortunately, it’s also difficult to […]

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Care Coordination – It’s time for our family and friends.

Too often care coordination is considered to be something that only happens to be between professional members of a healthcare team. Yet, we know that most healthcare happens at home […]

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Lifetime Health Diary in Action – Seeing my fathers medical records come to life

Last week I saw my father’s medical records come to life on the screen in front of me. It was quite a moment, and a long time coming. That we […]

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Regina Holliday Recommends Lifetime Health Diary at HIMMS

One of the most recognized and active patient advocates, Regina Holliday gives Lifetime Health Diary an outstanding review at this years HIMSS, the biggest gathering and display of Electronic Health […]

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Healthcare Tech Revolution Means Doctors as Coaches for Empowered Patients

I saw an interesting post on LinkedIn today. Dr Saif Abed posted that Health IT vendors should concentrate their resources on clinician’s needs, rather than on patient tools. The core […]

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Public APIs, the engaged patient’s new best friend

The world of healthcare infrastructure is moving very quickly, and it is all good news for engaged patients. Health IT Task Force Recommends Public APIs Seemingly out of the blue, […]

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The Urgency for US Healthcare Value – 4 Major Problems

>With all of the factors leading to an overall increase in individual health literacy – self- quantification technologies, ubiquity of mobile devices, instantaneous information and communication – there is a […]

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Quantified Self: A Movement With New Momentum

During a recent day of retrospection, I looked back at my health & fitness attitudes and approaches over the years. In what now seems a different life altogether, I was […]

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Are you harnessing the power of online healthcare?

It seems that, while they may fall through the gaps in the Obamacare scheme, there are still ways of taking care of many uninsured patients. MSNBCs Geoffrey Cowley wrote last […]

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