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Are you harnessing the power of online healthcare?

It seems that, while they may fall through the gaps in the Obamacare scheme, there are still ways of taking care of many uninsured patients. MSNBCs Geoffrey Cowley wrote last […]

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How to put healthcare in your hands: Health Datapalooza IV

The fourth annual Health Datapalooza recently took place and the torrent of knowledge on developments in healthcare, especially in relation to the ongoing USA healthcare reform, was outstanding. With the US […]

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The hardships of being an IT industry entrepreneur

The Star (a Dunedin based print) interviewed Lifetime Health Diary™ on the experience of setting up in the field of I.T. and the challenges they faced with making the vision […]

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Privacy: the fine line between patient and consumer healthcare data

Healthcare is big business and the use of technologies by private firms is rising.  These privatized firms are businesses, and businesses exist to make money. That being said, EU Observer […]

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An update each day keeps the hospital away

Have you noticed Healthcare organizations in the U.S. and Canada already starting to develop online web-portals to combine or aggregate patient healthcare information? Some of them aim to make patients […]

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Will collecting health data make you healthier?

Of course the short answer is No.  But this is possibly the greatest allure to the health-conscious consumer – can I change something to my advantage and achieve a goal? […]

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TEDx Auckland is coming up

Have you ever watched a TED video?  Chances are you’ve seen or been sent links to these short video talks where leading edge thinking across a wide range of subjects […]

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On collaboration for health teamwork

JP Rangaswami writes very persuasively about the developing themes that drive sucessfull collaboration across the enterprise in his blog post, On Collaboration. It’s long, but worth reading in full. The […]

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When does healthcare data mining go bad?

If I were to examine your Lifetime Health Diary daily wellness and mood records, would I see a correlation between your diet and exercise regime and how you feel?  In […]

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Healthcare companies still don’t “Get” Social Media

We came across a great article in Social Media Today, by Steve Olenski, looking at a PWC Report on the state of social media in the healthcare industry in the US. […]

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