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Seth Godin’s simple form that could save your life – IMPROVED

Todays wisdom from Seth Godin is about a health form based on a google document that records all of your personal basic health information. That’s exactly what Lifetime Health Diary […]

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Healthcare companies still don’t “Get” Social Media

We came across a great article in Social Media Today, by Steve Olenski, looking at a PWC Report on the state of social media in the healthcare industry in the US. […]

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The Green Button health data idea gains traction

There have been some great ideas in the healthcare field but none so potentially powerful as the “Green Button”.  first discussed at HealthCamp SFBay the idea is to set up […]

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OMG my pancreas just texted!

John Pettengill a type 2 diabetic. Talking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. #OMGdiabetic I am a diabetic and I live with a chronic disease. 25.8 million in the […]

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To PHR or not to PHR

According to the statistics, only about 7 percent of the US population uses a Personal Health Record (PHR). The low adoption tells us that levels of patient empowerment and engagement […]

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Drugs, surgery and (sometimes) psychiatry. It isn’t enough!

One of the members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Stanley Pappelbaum (former CEO of Scripps hospital chain in San Diego, California) has a very succinct way of putting things. Sometimes […]

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Our First Community Group Meeting! (Part 2: Question & Feedback Session)

The participants from various organizations definitely saw the idea as an innovative way forward. Some great examples were brought up on why and how such a system could contribute to […]

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