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TGAIA & Polaris announce pilot utilizing The Diary CarePro and Wearable Devices

Polaris Corporation is pleased to announce a new care management service operated by TGAIA. Polaris health centers will start a pilot using wearable devices to automatically collect data into a Personal Health Record with the aim of promoting independent care management. View the full Press Release in Japanese Background / Purpose Social security expenditure in Japan continues to increase, with fiscal year 2016 exceeding 118 trillion yen. At the Future Investment Conference held in November 2016, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a policy to strengthen “self-reliant supported nursing care” to reduce the number of care recipients, as well as nursing care […]

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The Diary to be implemented in Seki City, Japan

The following Press Release was released in Japan and posted on the Seki City website: Citizens of Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, to utilize Apple Watches for healthcare Seki City will introduce an innovative remote health care system using the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch in a nationwide first for municipalities in Japan. Japan as a whole has an aging society, and reform of the healthcare sector is an urgent task. The importance of early detection of health risks, prevention, and health management is rapidly increasing. In Gifu prefecture’s Seki City, a remote health management system using the iPhone […]

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Release of The Diary CarePro in Japan

TGAIA Inc., the Japan sales and support representative of The Diary Corp, is pleased to announce the Japanese product release of The Diary CarePro. TGAIA is offering a 30-day free usage promotional period for organizations wanting to test The Diary CarePro. Simultaneously, an upgrade of partner app The Diary, designed to help individuals maintain and promote health, has added new benefits such as sharing health data easily with family and friends or informal caregivers. Designed to be used in tandem with patients using The Diary app, The Diary CarePro enables healthcare provider organizations to more easily care for patients in […]

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Announcing The Diary Rebrand

In today’s market, agility in adjusting to the needs of the global market is essential in order to progress. In this spirit, The Diary has swiftly evolved. Today, The Diary Corp. launches our updated website and branding. Our rebrand is more than just a logo makeover—it is a reflection of our company’s global growth and product diversification. We have reenergized the brand with a fresher, modern, and professional aesthetic. We are also proud to introduce updates to The Diary app for consumers. Reaffirming our expert position in the world of healthcare, whilst maintaining  our core values and personality. Download the […]

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The Diary® Releases Remote Patient Monitoring Module for Care Coordination

Read full article TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Following successful implementation of initial pilots in Japan, The Diary Corp. has released a remote patient monitoring module as part of their care management platform, The Diary CarePro™.  The complete cloud-based care management solution enables the effective delivery of remote care while helping care teams prove that they are meeting quality standards and decreasing cost. CarePro’s remote monitoring technology connects the patient and care team outside of a conventional healthcare facility, on a patient’s personal device. The technology is designed for patients suffering from chronic diseases to better manage their conditions […]

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The Diary Japan at the Osaka Medical Show with Omron

The Diary CarePro was showcased at the Omron booth in the Osaka Medical Show. Under the leadership of TGAIA, The Diary Corp’s Japanese partner, Omron and The Diary are partnering in Japan to provide remote patient monitoring for leading Japanese medical universities, hospitals, and prefectures. Omron’s Healthcare Medical Equipment supports consumer health by providing equipment and services that contribute to the prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases from care at home to medical applications.

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The Diary in MedCity News – Keys To Successful Care Organizations

With value-based payment models, payer pressures for health providers to achieve the Triple Aim – healthier populations, higher quality care with better outcomes, and lower costs – require healthcare organizations to adapt quickly or risk financial loss. Successful care organizations know the importance of selecting data management and communications tools that will benchmark performance and drive efficiencies. Read more on MedCity News    

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Announcing a new partner in health data security: ZeroKit by Tresorit

The Diary Corporation is committed to protecting health data privacy and security while simultaneously empowering individuals and healthcare organizations to achieve the best possible health outcomes. We understand it is vitally important to protect patients’ Personal Health Information (PHI), and their privacy. To that end, we partner with only the most proven and respected security organizations. We’ve recently implemented ZeroKit by Tresorit, a tool that integrates end-to-end encryption and secure authentication on Apple’s CareKit framework. Tresorits demonstrated ability to protect confidential information allows us to focus on what we do best – building robust software so that our clients are able to […]

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Increase in Patient Enrollment after Successful Implementation: Keio University

Following the successful implementation at Keio University School of Medicine last month, Dr. Takehiro Kimura  will expand the program by enrolling 40 new high-risk cardiac patients. The preliminary pilot evaluation has proven an overall improvement of home monitoring. Over half of the elderly patients, between the ages 65-75, have chosen to continue the program. The patient engagement rate of over 50% far exceeds normal adoption rates among seniors. According to a Pew Research Center study, seniors have historically been late adopters of technology, with smart phone use as low as 18% in 2014. Only 18% of surveyed adults around 75 […]

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