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Suncare: Keeping our seniors connected as more health services go online

Suncare Digital uses The Diary to keep seniors digitally connected   “The program, Suncare Digital, has been funded by the Australian Government’s ‘Commonwealth Home Support Programme’ and is aimed at […]

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The Diary Support Higher Patient Satisfaction in Cairns ED Hospital in Your Home

Cairns Hospital has launched a new program to help relieve increasing pressures on its Emergency Department using The Diary CarePro to enable out-of-clinic workflow. Check out this fantastic article on […]

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Digital Transformation – The Diary in HealthSpeak Magazine

What comes to mind when you hear the words digital health technology? Most health professionals think of electronic health records, digital referrals and discharge summaries. But digital health technology is […]

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Japan’s leading Apple-dedicated magazine “MacFan” reviews Kameda Medical Center using The Diary App on Apple devices

The Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture is famous for leading-edge medical care and technology. Dr. Ogawa, Director of Department of Diabetes Endocrine Department Internal Medicine at Kameda […]

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The Diary at International Modern Hospital Show, Japan

Sharing PHR data between medical professionals and community health workers On July 12 – 14, 2017, at the “International Modern Hospital Show 2017” – Japan’s largest annual medical show – […]

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The Diary on New Zealand

Apps are slowly gaining ground in hospitals MRI machines are technological marvels, modern drugs could never be created without the help of computers, and big data analysis helps governments target […]

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The Diary receives glowing reviews in MacFan magazine

Patient Care from the hospital to home life; “Mimamori” using Apple Watch Japanese publication MacFan features The Diary with a full 6-page overview of functionality for both web and iOS platforms. The Diary’s provider […]

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New Partnership with Keio University School of Medicine

Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Cardiology of Kimura Takeshi Hiroshi has partnered with The Diary to begin an outpatient clinical study with 10 high-risk cardiac patients. In this […]

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Lifetime Health Diary Mentioned in The Wall Street Journal by President of IPCAZ

Dr. Bennet Davis comments on The Wall Street Journal article mentioning Lifetime Health Diary. We were pleased to see the robust reply to commenters by Dr. Davis, President of Integrative Pain […]

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Seeing the Background ‘Patient Story’ Empowers Family Care Coordinator

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