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TGAIA & Polaris announce pilot utilizing The Diary CarePro and Wearable Devices

Polaris Corporation is pleased to announce a new care management service operated by TGAIA. Polaris health centers will start a pilot using wearable devices to automatically collect data into a Personal Health Record with the aim of promoting independent care management. View the full Press Release in Japanese Background / Purpose Social security expenditure in Japan continues to increase, with fiscal year 2016 exceeding 118 trillion yen. At the Future Investment Conference held in November 2016, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a policy to strengthen “self-reliant supported nursing care” to reduce the number of care recipients, as well as nursing care […]

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The Diary to be implemented in Seki City, Japan

The following Press Release was released in Japan and posted on the Seki City website: Citizens of Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, to utilize Apple Watches for healthcare Seki City will introduce an innovative remote health care system using the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch in a nationwide first for municipalities in Japan. Japan as a whole has an aging society, and reform of the healthcare sector is an urgent task. The importance of early detection of health risks, prevention, and health management is rapidly increasing. In Gifu prefecture’s Seki City, a remote health management system using the iPhone […]

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The Diary® Releases Remote Patient Monitoring Module for Care Coordination

Read full article TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Following successful implementation of initial pilots in Japan, The Diary Corp. has released a remote patient monitoring module as part of their care management platform, The Diary CarePro™.  The complete cloud-based care management solution enables the effective delivery of remote care while helping care teams prove that they are meeting quality standards and decreasing cost. CarePro’s remote monitoring technology connects the patient and care team outside of a conventional healthcare facility, on a patient’s personal device. The technology is designed for patients suffering from chronic diseases to better manage their conditions […]

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Leading ACO Launches Pilot with Care Management App, The Diary CarePro™

Partnership supports goals of effective care coordination, cost reductions, and improved patient outcomes. Read full article TUCSON, Ariz., Nov. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Arizona Connected Care (AzCC), an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) has partnered with The Diary Corp., a technology company developing innovative mobile health (mHealth) solutions to implement The Diary CarePro, a comprehensive care management app. Utilizing the app for streamlined patient outreach and documentation, AzCC care teams are able to efficiently deliver personalized care for more than 300 patients with chronic medical conditions. Designed on Apple’s CareKit framework, The Diary CarePro gives AzCC a simple way to improve […]

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The Diary™ Launches New iOS App Using Modules from CareKit

Democratizing medicine with patient-centered technology using CareKit. PRNewswire Full Release The Diary Corp. announces the newest release of its iOS mobile app – a comprehensive solution to personal health management using CareKit, a new open source software framework designed by Apple to help developers enable people to actively manage their own medical conditions. Available for free download from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, The Diary empowers users to engage as more knowledgeable healthcare consumers by giving them control over their health information. This shift in health data ownership opens the door to a new generation of […]

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The Diary™ for Apple Watch™ Improves Health Outcomes with Care Management Features

Lifetime Health Diary™ continues to lead the way in engaging patients using digital health technology. PRNewswire Full Release   The Diary™ Corp, the world’s first patient-centered solution to personal health information management, announced enhancements to their app for Apple Watch and iPhone. Actionable Care Reminders and Tap & Talk Health allow users to dictate their symptoms and vitals directly into their device, and also to receive reminders so they can effectively follow their care and prescription plans. The Diary is changing the way patients manage their care.   “One of the biggest challenges to achieving positive health outcomes is the […]

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Introducing the new iOS app – The Diary goes mobile

The Diary Corporation delivers a new health management solution through a comprehensive, easy-to-use patient health and medical app. Secured with the strongest consumer-friendly privacy protections in the health industry, the app offers a full view of lifetime personal health information in one place, accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world. ARIZONA, November 10, 2015 – Personal health information is currently very difficult to get, understand, and share, frequently resulting in negative impact on both the quality and cost of care, as well as overall health. Today The Diary Corporation announced the launch of a new personal health management application, The […]

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Lifetime Health Diary Launches In-Depth Video Tour

Americans are demanding their data and yet, owning one’s data is only half the story. With the motivation to provide customers innovation and liberation – Lifetime Health Diary proudly presents the first-ever guided video tour of its groundbreaking software. In just under 30 minutes, the viewer is walked through a complex health story – easily told on a single timeline with meaningful and actionable life and medical data. Follow along while symptoms post-surgery are tracked and key care providers are coordinated using customized sharing options and robust privacy. Data is never sold or distributed – ever. Not every health app on the market […]

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Kanter HealthNews Interview How Lifetime Health Diary supports healthcare’s Triple Aim goals

It’s a highlight of our day here, at The Diary’s HQ, when we get to share the full power of what Lifetime Health Diary can do and we did just that in a recent interview with Danielle M. Edwards with Kanter HealthNews. Chairman, Kirk Saunders joined Danielle for a live demo of our breakthrough visualization of an entire health story on a single timeline, while also discussing our history and present day offering to address how we support The Triple Aim goals of Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); Improving the health of populations; and Reducing the per capita cost of […]

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Nuviun interviews The Diary Chairman, Kirk Saunders

The Diary Corporation Chairman, Kirk Saunders is interviewed by Jenn Lonzer with, for article “Building a Bridge to Interoperability”. We were very pleased to meet with Jenn, who writes, “This idea of bridge building came up during my interview last week with Kirk Saunders, Chairman of the Board of The Diary Corporation. The Diary Corporation is developing a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution that gives users a way to consolidate, and take private property ownership of, their medical records and other health data in one location. Saunders described the product as a bridge to interoperability.”

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