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About Us

About Us

It is very hard to get and maintain a comprehensive current record of personal health information (PHI), let alone use it to tell your unique health story. Lifetime Health Diary™ empowers people to compile their personal health information and use it to understand, tell and act on their health stories.

Our Movement

Welcome to our Movement! We believe that everyone can and should have the opportunity to be healthier and happier. We hope that you not only take advantage of our products and services, but also join us in our Movement to make these beliefs a reality.  Read more about our Company Culture.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to help you and your family members get and stay healthy by empowering you to be the most knowledgeable, engaged, effective, efficient and confident health manager, care team builder and healthcare consumer possible.

The Lifetime Health Diary

The concept for the Lifetime Health Diary (The Diary™) was conceived in 2003 in Japan. Our CEO, Hamish MacDonald then developed The Diary as a way to understand everything possible about that patient in just a couple of minutes from viewing a 360 picture of the patient’s personal health information on a single web page. With a better understanding of a patient’s health story, Providers can help patients get and stay well as long as possible. Technology was a barrier to building The Diary until 2010 when Hamish developed, tested and sold the first prototype successfully in New Zealand. The Diary moved to Tucson, Arizona USA in 2013, where today we continue to improve the Diary’s capabilities and market reach.

Our Company

The Lifetime Health Diary (The Diary) is definitely not a “regular” company. We pride ourselves on being different!

We view those of us working for The Diary as servants of our account owners, and our account owners as part of a health-building and sustaining community, as will be abundantly clear in our Terms of Use.

We are Values and Purpose Driven

Our company Values require that every single person employed by The Diary (i) believes deeply in the company Purpose – it is part of joining and staying in our company,(ii) reflects and respects the diversity of our account owners, and (ii) is fully empowered to do whatever they believe is the right thing to do, not what they might be instructed to do. In fact, The Diary as a company practices the principles of self-management – there are no bosses ordering underlings what to do. For self-management to work we must train our team in and reinforce our Values and Purpose, and then let them decide what the appropriate action is, in any and every situation.

We believe you will notice the difference our company Values and Purpose make to your level of service, and the overall experience you have from the very first time you interact with us.

What Makes us Different?

As part of our mission to empower you, we have developed a unique Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that places an emphasis on patient rights and data privacy. You control your data. Our business model is transparent. We do not sell advertising. We treat you with respect, and we respect your privacy. This is what makes us different. It’s your health story.