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The Culture of Lifetime Health Diary

As a growing, innovative company, the culture of our community at Lifetime Health Diary looks very different than what you may have seen before. Right away, you’ll notice that the integrity of our culture is of utmost importance to all of our members in and out of the office; that every one of us takes personal responsibility for creating it. You’ll immediately see that we are standing firm in a clear sense of purpose, mission, and vision. And most importantly, you’ll experience and encounter a compassionate attitude of sincere service amongst each member of our team.

We have a guiding purpose, a “Great Big Vision”, of helping people reorder the global health care system around them as individuals – to become patient and person-centered Kindness Care™. We’re committed to our mission of helping people understand and tell better health stories when and where it’s needed. We share a vision for the future: to make Lifetime Health Diary the perfect mirror of physical, mental, and emotional health around the globe. We all have a health story, and here at Lifetime Health Diary, each of us is invested in improving it. We hold the intention of making the world a happier and healthier place for everyone.

Our Diary is a subscription to a movement and every member is welcomed into our family. Our team exists to serve your needs for the highest good. One of our trusted servants said, “Everybody we serve is somebody’s father, mother, sister, brother, child or friend. Treat them as you would your own.” While we utilize an advanced online forum and technology to gather and manage information, we recognize and respect the fact that we’re people just like you, who have health stories that are valid and meaningful. We all learn from each other and we’re all on this journey together. Lifetime Health Diary has a dedicated support team willing to greet you with kindness, compassion, empathy, and understanding.

The core of our culture is the value of Kindness Care™. This is the foundational stone upon which we all stand. At Lifetime Health Diary, you will meet real, dynamic people, who care about trust and doing the right thing at all times. We embrace weirdness and we like to have a lot of fun! We want to maintain a culture that encourages personal growth, eliminates ego from decisions that impact others, motivates every single person to be and do their best, and makes us a satisfying place to work and for others to work with us. We sincerely hope to meet you on our playing field where we will create excellence together!


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