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The Diary Announces Partnership with Mediva Inc., Japan

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Setagaya Ku, Tokyo, Oct. 30th, 2017 – Mediva Corporation is pleased to announce a partnership with The Diary Corporation, a global digital health software company for the medical, welfare, and home health industries. The Diary Corporation is US-based, with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. The partnership will enable advanced healthcare business solutions to be provided throughout all areas of healthcare provision in Japan. Initial target markets include hospitals, local government, company health insurance, home health and “Mimamori” (looking after Seniors at home). The companies will also be exploring applications for the Blockchain to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient in Japan.

The Diary Corporation has built an advanced platform for at-home care, which is able to link into clinical data sets and care delivery workflows of healthcare institutions in order to close the loop for patients in the community after discharge or consultations – especially for patients with chronic conditions who frequently engage with the healthcare system.

Medical expenses in Japan exceeded 40 trillion Yen in 2014, and the Ministry of Health and Labor has estimated these expenses will increase to 60 trillion Yen by 2025. It is essential that Japan tackles this issue of unsustainable costs with new models of care and health-conscious education and better integration of at-home care delivery. The Diary Corporation technology particularly assists community-based health teams cooperate better with the patient, and also with their family where appropriate.

Mediva recognizes this mobile solution as a way to further expand and deepen their health services business through providing support and education as to who the technology can be used to provide better levels of care. Under the agreement, Mediva will sell and support The Diary Corporation sales in Japan, and develop educational content for use in Japan. This progressive offering will be available for customers as a service to support quality of care improvements, and improve efficiency of care delivery between the individual and care team.

The Diary Corporation sells two seamlessly integrated products, The Diary™ for individuals, and The Diary CarePro™ for institutions and care delivery teams.

The Diary application supports collection of personal data for individual users, utilizing smart phones and devices such as wrist watches and various blue tooth health devices that can be automatically synced to the phone. Built into The Diary app are alerts and reminder settings that inform the individual about changes in treatment plans, as well as daily tasks. The Diary is available on Apple’s iOS platform – iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch – making the system ideal for secure and easy communication between care manager and individuals personal information.

The Diary CarePro application then collects and displays The Diary data safely in the Cloud for authorized care team members to access 24/7. Among other uses, this improves the care team’s ability to watch over senior citizens in nursing facilities and at home, and other patients with various chronic illnesses. Using The Diary CarePro, care teams can monitor health indicators after an individual has left a hospital or clinic, for improved attention to the diagnosis and continuous treatment over time. Importantly, The Diary CarePro can be used independently of The Diary to deliver care even for patients who do not use a smart phone, particularly the elderly.

The condition of individuals can also be monitored by family members, independent of location. The individual can also use voice dictation to input information on symptoms, vital signs, and feelings. The data is viewable in customizable graphs. This allows for the sharing of real-time data between the individual, family caregivers, and care manager.

By placing patients at the center of their healthcare experience, The Diary applications are enriching the patient-provider experience and helping systems meet the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Learn more at, and download The Diary App for individuals for free on the Apple App Store.

About Mediva Corporation

Mediva is a leading Japanese healthcare company dedicated to medical innovation and providing value added services in Japan and other countries. Mediva’s mission is to realize innovative, patient-centered medicine and care. Mediva serves all fields within the healthcare domain, from early detection, prevention and lifestyle management, acute and chronic medical care, nursing care to palliative care. Mediva is a healthcare consulting and medical operations company. For more information, visit

About The Diary Corporation

TDC is an innovative software development company committed to transforming the global healthcare system by empowering (i) consumers/patients to collect, own, manage and use their personal data to access quality healthcare at a lower cost with better outcomes and (ii) providers to deliver efficient, effective patient-centric care across the care continuum from wellness/disease prevention to chronic disease management. The Diary CarePro™ and The Diary™ applications provide a seamlessly integrated platform for care management teams to use comprehensive information about patients and real-time patient generated data to deliver highly personalized care to each unique patient in a patient population. For more information, visit


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