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The Diary CarePro™ Features

Enterprise Platform

User Management

  • Customized for Organization Processes
  • Customized Roles and Permissions
  • User-defined Customizable Dashboard
  • Unlimited Groups for Patient and Staff Assignments

Care Team Scheduling and Organization

  • Care Management Time Reports, Notes, and Profile Information
  • Continuity of Care with Shared Care Plans and Task Sharing
  • Calendar of Scheduled Tasks for Care Team and Patients
  • Reporting & Data Export to support Analytics
  • Creating and Tracking Quality Measures

Care Coordination

  • CarePro syncs in Real-Time with Patient’s Diary
  • Consumer Profile, Contact Info, and Medical History
  • Care Manager Edit/View Patient’s Health Data
  • Care Manager Edit/View Patient’s Daily Tasks and Reminders
  • Real-time Shared Care Planning
  • Real-time Assessments and Surveys
  • Health Data Thresholds & Alerts – Customized Alerts based on Threshold Violations
  • Shared Files for Prescriptions, Labs, Records, Supplement Recommendation, and more

Security and Privacy

  • End-to-end Encryption and Secure Authentication
  • Privacy meets HIPAA requirements

Customer Support

  • One-on-one Onboarding and Implementation
  • Online Support Manual

The Diary® Features

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