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The Diary Corp and ENTAG announce partnership to deliver Australian-first Client-Centered Healthcare Turnkey Solution

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 4 May, 2018 – The Diary Corporation (TDC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with ENTAG, an innovative technology company that delivers customer-centered solutions for business, enterprise and government across Australia. The Diary and ENTAG have created a solution that utilises Apple, Cisco, and Australia’s largest and widest 4G network to deliver an integrated mobile health package to nationwide healthcare providers.

Funding reforms in the Australian healthcare system increasingly favor patient choice. TDC is perfectly positioned to enable consumer-centered healthcare for both community and remote care delivery which closes the loop for patients living at home, after discharge or between consultations. This will be especially beneficial for patients with chronic conditions who frequently engage with the healthcare system.

This mobile health package will allow Australian providers to retain more satisfied clients by improving the communication and management of ongoing care plans. Providers monitor clients remotely, perform assessments and surveys asynchronously, as well as engage the patient and their family. With the ability to track care team activities, including out-of-network activity, healthcare teams can measure outcomes and improve efficiencies.

TDC and ENTAG look forward to offering this innovative turnkey solution throughout Australia.



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About The Diary Corporation

TDC is an innovative software development company committed to transforming the global healthcare system by empowering (i) consumers/patients to collect, own, manage and use their personal data to access quality healthcare at a lower cost with better outcomes and (ii) providers to deliver efficient, effective patient-centric care across the care continuum from wellness/disease prevention to chronic disease management. The Diary CarePro™ and The Diary™ applications provide a seamlessly integrated platform for care management teams to use comprehensive information about patients and real-time patient generated data to deliver highly personalized care to each unique patient in a patient population.


For further information, please contact Kris Carver on 0418 712 396

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