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The Diary™ Launches New iOS App Using Modules from CareKit

Democratizing medicine with patient-centered technology using CareKit.

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The Diary Corp. announces the newest release of its iOS mobile app – a comprehensive solution to personal health management using CareKit, a new open source software framework designed by Apple to help developers enable people to actively manage their own medical conditions. Available for free download from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, The Diary empowers users to engage as more knowledgeable healthcare consumers by giving them control over their health information. This shift in health data ownership opens the door to a new generation of technologies that will transform the face of medicine by putting patients at the center of their care.

“We’re about to turn the healthcare industry on its head, with incredibly positive results,” said Kirk Saunders, Global Population Health Director of The Diary Corporation. “The Diary enables effective care coordination based on real-time patient-generated data. Collaboration between patients, family members, and providers is the next big step in population health management.”

The Diary supports individuals in managing chronic conditions by enabling them to dictate symptoms and vitals, share Apple Watch and other wearable device data with user permission from the Health app on iPhone, plus create reminders to effectively follow care plans and adhere to prescriptions. The app’s Today feature utilizes both the Care Card and Symptom Tracker modules of the CareKit framework to help individuals successfully follow treatment plans and track daily health goals. By combining lifestyle, psychosocial, and medical records, The Diary gives owners instantaneous access to their complete health story from the convenience of their mobile device.
The Diary in combination with the upcoming provider-facing care management application, The Diary™ CarePro, allow for patient-provider interaction. Individuals can share the broadest range of personal health data, as well as achieve fast and accurate communication among all members of their care team. Designed with Chronic Care Management (CCM) and value-based care delivery in mind, medical providers can improve health outcomes, as well as increase their practice revenue.

Transformation of healthcare will happen as a result of empowering individuals to take control of their health. With its complete product suite, The Diary joins leading apps in democratizing medicine.

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