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Drugs, surgery and (sometimes) psychiatry. It isn’t enough!

One of the members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Stanley Pappelbaum (former CEO of Scripps hospital chain in San Diego, California) has a very succinct way of putting things.

Sometimes it can seem as though there are so many treatment paths in medicine, that it all gets overwhelming. However, as Stan says,

There are essentially just three interventions in medicine; drugs, surgery and sometimes psychiatry.

The implications of this simple statement are quite profound. Given that 75% of cost of the US Healthcare system is now due to chronic illness and disease, how much of this figure can be helped by drugs, surgery and psychiatry? By the time you need these interventions for chronic illness in a very real sense it is too late; you already have it!

This reminds me the number of 6,000+ billing codes in the US Healthcare system related to reimbursement for procedures that are given for prevention; zero!

This all gives one pause to think, doesn’t it?

Yours in Health,

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