The Diary® App

The Diary empowers you to better manage your health through meaningful information all in one place – accessible anywhere you are. Get started today!

The Diary Web

Comprehensive health tracking gives you a 360-degree view of your health activities, electronic health record integration, data storage, live support, and easy sharing options.

The Diary CareProTM

The Diary CarePro empowers practices to maintain high quality CCM in office for improved patient outcomes and increased Medicare revenue.

How far back in time should I go, in collecting or entering my health data?

We recommend using your Diary in the way that is most relevant and makes the most sense to you. Our Kindness Care team can help you discover what best suits your particular needs. In general, we suggest that you first start with today, then enter new data moving forward – and in general, capture relevant info in reverse order for the past. We recommend starting with the last year. However, if there have been significant events in your health (e.g. accidents, sickness, significant lab test results, life events, etc.), it is recommended that you enter information from your past history that is very important to you, before anything else.

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