The Diary® App

The Diary empowers you to better manage your health through meaningful information all in one place – accessible anywhere you are. Get started today!

The Diary Web

Comprehensive health tracking gives you a 360-degree view of your health activities, electronic health record integration, data storage, live support, and easy sharing options.

The Diary CareProTM

The Diary CarePro empowers practices to maintain high quality CCM in office for improved patient outcomes and increased Medicare revenue.

What information should I collect in my Diary?

Your Diary is designed to collect 5 types of data: clinical, lifestyle, psycho-social/emotional, environmental, and genetic. Clinical data: You can, of course, enter some key data points manually, but if you have a lot of data, you can send us your paper records, or copies put onto a computer CD-Rom, or “CCD files” – special medical coded information – and we can help put that information into your Diary without you having to enter it manually. Lifestyle, emotional, environmental data: These include significant life events, and information about your surroundings which may impact health. Data in these areas should be easy for you to enter manually. These data points really help paint the picture of your health story, as they can help explain causation behind clinical data. Genetic information: Finally, the ability to import genetic data in your Diary is a feature we will provide in the future. Right now, as with any data, you may manually enter that information on your Diary’s Files page. To improve and enhance ease of data entry, we are also continually adding additional automated-device data (e.g. all devices through our Apple Store app, or our Google Fit app) plus adding many major device makers. This allows you to have the data captured by those devices automatically fed into your Diary, without having to enter it manually.

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