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The Diary empowers you to better manage your health through meaningful information all in one place – accessible anywhere you are. Get started today!

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Comprehensive health tracking gives you a 360-degree view of your health activities, electronic health record integration, data storage, live support, and easy sharing options.

The Diary CarePro™

The Diary CarePro empowers practices to maintain high quality CCM in office for improved patient outcomes and increased Medicare revenue.

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The Diary™

The Diary™ is an interactive mobile health assistant that helps you track, own, and manage your health and medical data, all in one place. Use for personal health, travel safety, or caring for a loved one. This is the most advanced platform ever created to manage your health outcomes.

We’re a Self-Managed company, and we have a great, big vision that we want to turn into a Social Movement. Our company’s culture is everything if we want to reach that lofty goal. This unique culture makes us very different from most companies: it eliminates glass ceilings, removes ego from decisions that impact other people, and motivates people to be and do their best.

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Wall Street Journal

“I want WSJ readers to know that the subject of this article has been addressed by a disruptive innovation called “Lifetime Health Diary”, and in the next year or two we shall see how successful the Diary is.” Dr. Bennet Davis, Wall Street Journal



“…Lifetime Health Diary has the potential to be the bridge that helps patients understand the tangible benefits of owning their medical data, and gives them easy, searchable access to it as we await true interoperability.”

Jenn Lonzer, MA for Nuviun

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CTG Health Solutions

“A vendor company doing the right thing. The only EHT company that has a lifetime timeline with clinical data and life events.”

Regina Holliday, Podcast for CTG Health Solutions

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Kanter Health News

“Lifetime Health Diary is a new disruptive innovation platform that gives patients sovereignty over their own health care.”

Kanter Health News

Press Release – The Diary™ for Apple Watch™ Improves Health Outcomes with Care Management Features

Jan. 28, 2016, Tucson, AZ

The Diary™ Corp, the world’s first patient-centered solution to personal health information management, announced enhancements to their app for Apple Watch and iPhone. Actionable Care Reminders and Tap & Talk Health allow users to dictate their symptoms and vitals directly into their device, and also to receive reminders so they can effectively follow their care and prescription plans.

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Press Release – Introducing the new iOS app – The Diary goes mobile

Nov 9, 2015 – Tucson, AZ

The Diary Corporation delivers a new health management solution through a comprehensive, easy-to-use patient health and medical app. Secured with the strongest consumer-friendly privacy protections in the health industry, the app offers a full view of lifetime personal health information in one place, accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world.

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The Diary™ for web, Apple Watch, iPhone & iOS – an entirely new way to own and control medical and health data. Designed with a built-in health assistant – use at home, while traveling, or caring for a loved one. Sync to Apple Health or track daily health activities, and an extraordinarily advanced technology takes care of the rest.

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