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The future of medicine is in the hands of the individual – and CareKit is helping us get there.

The ownership of health data is shifting to the hands of the patient and opening the door to a new generation of technologies that will transform the face of medicine.

Eventually, each individual will not only own their data, but it will be secured in a personal cloud or system, with the owner granting rights for others to access. Now that’s a flip.
― Eric Topol, The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands

With the release of our mobile app, The Diary™ App 2.0 on iOS, this is now a reality. Using Apple’s CareKit and ResearchKit frameworks, our app is revolutionizing how doctors and patients interact and the way medical data is generated and shared.

How does an app help transform the face of medicine?

By changing the way medical data is stored and managed. Scattered, fragmented, incorrect, or missing pieces of information are the direct cause of many inadequacies in the way care is delivered and a leading cause in medical errors.

The iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch are ideally suited to vastly improve personal health information management. Patients can now interact with their care team outside of the office, while effortlessly collecting valuable health and lifestyle information throughout the day.

Monitoring care progress has been shown to increase one’s likelihood of achieving a goal.

CareKit’s Symptom Tracker and Care Card modules provide a simple and intuitive interface to track daily completion of health goals – improving medication adherence and providing greater insights into the success of treatment plans. Care items can be created and adjusted based on the individual’s success which naturally incentivizes them to fulfill their daily health regimen.

The Diary also supports individuals with chronic conditions by enabling them to dictate symptoms and vitals, sync app and device data, and create reminders to effectively follow care plans and adhere to prescriptions. Easy entry and tracking of lifestyle, psychosocial, and clinical data results in a real-time health story available to providers, caregivers and patients from the convenience of their mobile device.

As innovations in patient-centered technologies rapidly improve, The Diary furthers its mission creating more knowledgeable and successful healthcare consumers. Now with Apple’s ingenuity focused on medical research and care applications, we are witnessing the beginning of the movement to democratize medicine and help doctors and patients become partners in achieving the Triple Aim – better outcomes, better quality and more satisfied patients and lower costs of care.

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