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Why your Healthstory is important

Your Story – where you are in life right this minute, and how you got here, is important to any treatment you might receive under a doctor’s care. It’s so important it’s hard to understand why it is not a bigger part of a doctor’s visit. That is, until you understand how little time a doctor actually has to “get to know you”. On average, it’s three minutes. Three minutes to look at your current vitals, and then look through your file to cram for the test that is “meeting the patient in the treatment room”. Three minutes to become an expert on you.

Doctors have huge challenges to overcome just to treat you.

Doctors face daunting challenges to keep up with patient visit load, stay on top of changes in medicine since they were trained, updating patient records with notes from your visit, manage the business of running a practice, and a thousand other tasks that averages 16.8 hours each day. Doctors and their staff truly do an amazing job based on what is available to them and we could write quite a bit about that topic, but let’s get back to the three minutes.

Let’s talk about what the doctor doesn’t get to see in those three minutes – Your health history, or Healthstory. She or he might know something about your medical past, but that’s not quite the same as knowing Your Story, is it?

Your Healthstory speaks volumes about how you got to today.

Life events – the birth of a child or grandchild, a change in residence, loss of or change in jobs – anything that happens in your life, good or bad, has a long-term impact on your health. Medications you were on ten years ago, or an unresolved medical condition that “just went away”; perhaps you ate or slept very differently 10 years ago than you do now. All of those little things are important aspects of who you are today, and your doctor never gets to see those, even if she or he had 30 minutes to study you instead of just three.

How do I create a Health Story?

That’s where we come in! We’ve spent several years researching what people just like you really need to see to empower them in telling their health story. We spent the past two years building a platform to turn that story into a powerful visual that no doctor has ever seen before. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to use the form on the right to sign up for updates on our launch progress!


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