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How much is too much medical information on the internet?

Dr. Mary Hobart
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Are there times when internet tools for mass communication are inappropriate for medical communications?

Take a look at this range of medical informational videos that I was sent by fellow #hpm group members.

A wide range of subjects, levels of intensity and length of video communication.  Some inform and educate, others lobby and others seek to create community involvement.

Howard Luks talks about ‘millennial patients’ the generation who is growing up with the internet and how they are using the internet as part of their crowd sourcing their physician, getting medical 2nd opinions online.  He describes the millennial patient as

“They cannot understand, and they will (soon) not tolerate, this disparity in their ability to manage healthcare transactions as easily as they manage their financial transactions.”

He is challenging traditional norms of doctor:patient communication.  And to to this he uses a private “portal” for email correspondence and promotes “Shared Decision Making“.

Lifetime Health Diary is closely following these discussions because we are keen to remain at the forefront of new paradigms in medical collaboration between patients, doctors and carers.

What do you think?

Should video be encouraged or discouraged?

What are its limitations?

And where should use be encouraged and where proscribed?

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