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How to put healthcare in your hands: Health Datapalooza IV

The fourth annual Health Datapalooza recently took place and the torrent of knowledge on developments in healthcare, especially in relation to the ongoing USA healthcare reform, was outstanding. With the US government leading the charge by releasing more healthcare data research result, the datapalooza encompassed one simple thing: making data more readily available and usable for the scientific world and the public.

What is happening at datapalooza to help healthcare?

One story unfolded around Mike Galbo, who created Aidin with a friend of his. Aidin serves to connect patients with appropriate healthcare facilities to make sure they receive the right care and in the quickest time. The idea occurred to Mike after he went through a traumatic experience involving a family member being mistreated purely by choosing the wrong healthcare service. With Aidin now improving each day there is an opportunity for patients to get the care they need instead of being misinformed, mistreated, or led around multiple facilities.

This just shows how the simplest of ideas can often be the most powerful and perhaps we all have to focus on the simpler things to bring up the standard of healthcare. It’s not just about what a healthcare system offers, but how patients interact with it.

The winners of the Datapalooza challenge (to design the most groundbreaking application to positively affect the healthcare industry) were the PHRQL group who designed an application that helped connect diabetic patients to diabetes healthcare professionals. The system aids Diabetes Self Management Education to support the lifestyles of diabetics. The system collects data and uses it to help dietitians and diabetes educators offer higher quality services to patients. What this means is, instead of waiting for the release of data, professionals are being empowered by patients to gather and conduct research on their health data. This could make healthcare more efficient and accurate for individual patients.

A direction we support

While it may be painful to start from the ground up, these hands on solutions to current healthcare issues are a step forward to quicker development in healthcare by empowering professionals and the public. Entrepreneurs are being proactive in the healthcare industry, creating their own ways to make data work to improve healthcare. Lifetime Health Diary takes this to heart because our systems help you monitor your day to day activity so that healthcare professionals can do their best to help you more efficiently and effectively.

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