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How To Own & Control Your Medical Records

1280px-Floral_matryoshka_set_2_smallest_doll_nested-300x225Wall Street Journalist, Melinda Beck, recently wrote a great piece, “How to Take Charge of Your Medical Records”. The advice is simple and powerful, but unfortunately, it’s also difficult to do – in inverse proportion to the complexity of your health story and how much data you have. The more you have, the more your health story tends to become lost under mounds of confusing detail. This is especially the case if you have one or more complex health conditions.

First, here is Melinda’s excellent protocol for taking control of your medical records:

1)      Demand your data

2)      Organize it

3)      Share it

4)      Generate it

5)      Protect it

Sound advice. But the more you have, ironically the harder it is to demand all of it, organize it, share it, generate it, and protect it. Doing all this can seem like a never-ending babushka doll[note]”Floral matryoshka set 2 smallest doll nested” by BrokenSphere – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commo that disappears into a never-ending fractal equation.

I know, because people hire us to do this, and turn all of these inputs and tasks into a coherent Health Story that can be understood at a glance by whomever you need to know.

One day healthcare will indeed all be automated and organized into personalized, actionable information for everyone. But there are so many market forces and industry incumbents that stand to lose their lunch should that happen, that such a day is unfortunately far away from happening.

It took some effort, but after 12 years we can indeed help you have your health story told at a glance. If you need some help in telling your health story, check us out on the web to find out how we can help you or your loved one.

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