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Increase in Patient Enrollment after Successful Implementation: Keio University

Following the successful implementation at Keio University School of Medicine last month, Dr. Takehiro Kimura  will expand the program by enrolling 40 new high-risk cardiac patients. The preliminary pilot evaluation has proven an overall improvement of home monitoring. Over half of the elderly patients, between the ages 65-75, have chosen to continue the program.

The patient engagement rate of over 50% far exceeds normal adoption rates among seniors. According to a Pew Research Center study, seniors have historically been late adopters of technology, with smart phone use as low as 18% in 2014. Only 18% of surveyed adults around 75 years of age  would feel comfortable learning to use a new technology device, such as a smartphone or tablet, on their own.

“Engagement for elderly patients enrolled in our outpatient clinical study is a huge success for our program. Elderly patients have responded favorably to the ease of use of The Diary app and have readily adopted their Apple Watches and Omron blood pressure cuffs for daily measurements,” says Hamish McDonald, CEO of The Diary Corporation.

With valuable feedback from early pilots, The Diary aims to attain the highest rates of patient adoption by continually improving onboarding and user experience. The care team at Keio University School of Medicine is committed to expanding their outpatient clinical study for ongoing personalized care.

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