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Integrative Pain Center of Arizona and Lifetime Health Diary create team around Transdisciplinary Rounds

Lifetime Health Diary (LHD) and the nationally respected Integrative Pain Center of Arizona (IPCA) have partnered to solve a major information issue for specialist practices world-wide.

LHD is a Software-as-a-Service platform that empowers patients by allowing them, and anyone who provides care to the patient, to enter data into the patient’s Diary and transform that data into a visual story.

Dr. Bennet E. Davis, M.D. of IPCA is especially interested in leveraging the Diary platform for their award-winning Transdisciplinary Rounds (TDR) program, now in it’s second decade.

Dr. Davis explains, “TDR brings our patients’ providers together to develop a holistic patient story through sharing of information and integrating the behavioral medicine and allopathic evaluations; to introduce and coordinate the patient’s providers – people who may have never spoken to each other – into a cohesive care team capable of team based decision-making. Our goal at TDR is to develop a truly patient-centered plan of care that has care team buy-in, and which is understood by all the key members of the care team.

IPCA is the premier pain clinic in Tucson and the only pain clinic in Arizona to be awarded Center of Excellence status by the American Pain Society. IPCA has spent the past 10 years developing the technology, the experience, and the organization to offer truly patient-centered evaluation and treatment for all types of pain conditions.

Dr. Davis comments, “Even with dedicated staff, the largest barrier to appropriate patient engagement and care – which becomes acute during care coordination – is ensuring everyone receives information crucial to understanding a patient’s condition. This is because the information resides in disparate medical records systems, and in many formats. The Diary allows everyone to have exactly the same view of the patient’s medical, lifestyle, psycho-social, and environment data.”

Dr. Davis continues, “Not only that, but since LHD is owned by the patient, the patient can make their complete record available to any and all members of the care team, simultaneously – and each member of the care team can see other providers’ input real time.”

Hamish MacDonald, CEO of Lifetime Health Diary, expressed his satisfaction with working with such a dedicated and prestigious practice. “We are very excited to work with IPCA because of the multi-dimensional aspect to the TDR program. It’s very valuable that each clinician involved in a patient’s care has the same, complete, understanding of the patient’s story.”

Lifetime Health Diary continues to engage clients in the United States and New Zealand, and will sponsor additional projects aimed at showcasing the Diary’s ability to contribute to improved health outcomes, higher quality patient engagement, and overall higher healthcare value.

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