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Japan’s leading Apple-dedicated magazine “MacFan” reviews Kameda Medical Center using The Diary App on Apple devices

The Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture is famous for leading-edge medical care and technology. Dr. Ogawa, Director of Department of Diabetes Endocrine Department Internal Medicine at Kameda Medical Center, has introduced The Diary App on Apple devices as part of his diabetes research program.

Dr. Ogawa’s study is designed to better understand health conditions using data collected by patients out-of-hospital. In this study, medical staff track Apple Watch activity readings of 10 diabetic patients in their 40s to 70s, as well as meal photos and blood glucose levels via iPhone and The Diary. The data will be used to help prevent hyperglycemia, where Ogawa says, “objective monitoring can lead to better treatment.”

Ogawa has continually faced the challenges of patient engagement, while the medical staff deem the research important due to its contribution to the field of advanced medical technologies. Critical feedback from this study will support improved usability of The Diary and provide insight to its usefulness in clinical settings.

Dr. Ogawa says, “There is still room in the medical field for using technology to improve efficiency.” For example, hospital staff take activity measurements and blood glucose levels, write those measurements on paper, then enter them to the electronic medical record. If patients can effectively enter data directly into the system, the hospital will greatly improve efficiencies by reducing the troublesome work of double and triple data entry. As a result, this initiative is cost effective.

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