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Dr. William Nevin

Dr. Nevin was an undergraduate at Dartmouth College prior to graduating from Northwestern University Medical school in 1965. Following graduation he was in intern at Cook County Hospital and medical resident in the Northwestern University programs in Chicago, Illinois. From 1969 until 1971 he served as a Major in the United States Air Force.

Afterwards, he moved to Tucson, Arizona where he joined the University of Arizona as a fellow and clinical faculty member in the Division of Pulmonology and Critical Care. While he was a faculty member, he worked with the thoracic surgeons and the pulmonologists at the University Hospital and other local hospitals in Tucson. He establish the fiberoptic bronchoscopy programs at the Tucson VA Hospital, University of Arizona Hospital, Tucson Medical Center, and St. Joseph’s Hospital. He also taught airway anatomy and fiberoptic bronchoscopy to the pulmonary fellows and attending staff physicians at the University of Arizona, and to practicing physicians throughout Arizona. His research activities at the University of Arizona involved newer applications of airway endoscopy and included the rapid diagnosis of pulmonary infections and the early detection of lung cancer.

Over the years, Dr. Nevin has served on numerous community boards, including the El Rio Community Health Center where he was a member of the Quality Assurance Committee; Pima County Air Quality Advisory Committee; Kino Community Hospital Advisory Board where he was President and Medical Director; The Arizona Thoracic Society, and the Arizona Lung Association. He was also actively involved in efforts to eliminate the use of tobacco products in public places. He played major roles in the elimination of tobacco use in the work place, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and restaurants in Tucson, Pima County, and across Arizona.

In 1974, along with two associates, he founded Pima Care, the first major Health Maintenance Organization in Tucson; and also Group Health Medical Associates (GHMA), a private multi-specialty medical group delivering care to members of Pima Care and other patients in Tucson. While practicing at GHMA he continued an active practice of internal medicine, pulmonology, and critical care at the major hospitals in Tucson. In his role as director of quality at GHMA it was proven that when caring for patients, there is no substitute for good judgement. Education of physicians, care givers, and patients is more effective at improving care and decreasing waste in healthcare than laws and legislation.

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