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Lifetime Health Diary™ Development for End Users

One of the things that surprised us as we quietly posted Lifetime Health Diary™ up in public view last month was the enthusiastic reception we were to get from the medical industry almost straight away. We thought we would need to do half a year or so of end-user marketing in order to get the interest of health professionals. But from clinical trials for medication optimisation to assisting with robot dispensing of medicines, Lifetime Health Diary™ data display advantages have meant that we immediately started focusing on sales path for the medical industry.

However, we have not forgotten our roots and our underlying mission – to provide individuals with a simple means to monitor and engage in their own healthcare. To put people at the center of their care regimes and above all, to help people focus on prevention and assist health professionals in discovering cases where early intervention can save heartache and expense later. We started last month with a simple prototype, and from that have learned quickly about areas we can improve on, and have noticed things we would never have guessed by ourselves. It really is true that if you put something “out there”, you learn what you really have. Thank you to all those who have cared to give us advice, time and feedback.

So it is with a feeling of sincere satisfaction that we have opened up a path to improving our app’s usability. In other words, making it easier for you to enter and display the information that you wish to see in your Lifetime Health Diary™. Sam will be leading the technical side of our end-user experience, supported by Katerina and Aga in both gathering information from people on the ground using our application as well as applying their design sense to its look and feel. Some others from our team may also be joining this effort.

We are also embarking on wide scale co-operation with a large number of community groups and social welfare organisations here in Dunedin to have their caregivers use Lifetime Health Diary™ to help those most in need avoid slipping through the cracks of the healthcare system. Aga will be driving this effort as a fulltime volunteer with her support group Ignite.

There is some planning and implementation to come, but just wanted to let you know you can look forward to some significant usability improvements over the coming while – don’t forget to drop us a mail from the website with any improvements you would like to see!

Yours in health,


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