The Diary® App

The Diary empowers you to better manage your health through meaningful information all in one place – accessible anywhere you are. Get started today!

The Diary Web

Comprehensive health tracking gives you a 360-degree view of your health activities, electronic health record integration, data storage, live support, and easy sharing options.

The Diary CareProTM

The Diary CarePro empowers practices to maintain high quality CCM in office for improved patient outcomes and increased Medicare revenue.

Lifetime Health Diary Launches In-Depth Video Tour

Americans are demanding their data and yet, owning one’s data is only half the story. With the motivation to provide customers innovation and liberation – Lifetime Health Diary proudly presents the first-ever guided video tour of its groundbreaking software. In just under 30 minutes, the viewer is walked through a complex health story – easily told on a single timeline with meaningful and actionable life and medical data. Follow along while symptoms post-surgery are tracked and key care providers are coordinated using customized sharing options and robust privacy. Data is never sold or distributed – ever. Not every health app on the market guarantees this.


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