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Lifetime Health Diary Mentioned in The Wall Street Journal by President of IPCAZ

Dr. Bennet Davis comments on The Wall Street Journal article mentioning Lifetime Health Diary. We were pleased to see the robust reply to commenters by Dr. Davis, President of Integrative Pain Center of Arizona. Referring to the article, “They’re Your Vital Signs, Not Your Medical RecordsAmericans don’t own their own health information, and access to it is controlled by others. Time to change that”, Dr. Davis comments, “Second, individuals should be able to designate an intermediary to manage their information on their behalf. A patient owned medical record, designed to collect, store, safegaurd, and distribute your medical record to whomever you designate is already here. This record will put the patient’s information in the patient’s hands; it will allow the patient to provide all or some of that information to her care team – wherever they are. All the information. In one place. Under your control. I have been watching its development for 2 years and as a health care provider, this innovative health record will make my life easier, too.  I have no financial stake in this project…I want WSJ readers to know that the subject of this article has been addressed by a disruptive innovation called “Lifetime Health Diary, and in the next year or two we shall see how successful the Diary is.”

Thank you Dr. Davis!



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