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Lifetime Health Diary Moves Headquarters to the US

CEO Hamish MacDonald says of the move, “We have had some successes with Healthcare organizations in New Zealand, and we felt now was an optimal time to introduce our technology to a larger, ready market. The United States, from both an institutional and a consumer standpoint, is a natural fit for our mission to make healthcare data more accurately reflect a person’s health story.”

LHD is a Software-as-a-Service platform that empowers patients by allowing them, and anyone who provides care to the patient, to enter data into the patient’s Diary and transforming that data into a visual story.

Mr. MacDonald explains, “The Diary allows clinicians and patients to have the same at-a-glance understanding of a patient’s story. This simply does not exist in Medicine today. We are excited to be able to show the empowerment that this level of information sharing among healthcare providers and their patients creates.

Lifetime Health Diary is already engaging clients in the United States, and plans to sponsor projects aimed at showcasing the Diary’s ability to contribute to improved health outcomes, higher quality patient engagement, and overall higher healthcare value.

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