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Lifetime Health Diary Proudly Sponsors #Cinderblocks2

cinderblocks2-227x300As part of our company mission and in support of patient advocacy, The Diary Corporation attended #Cinderblocks2 as a Golden Sponsor!  We would like to thank the hard-work and organizational excellence of Regina Holliday and her team.  Cinderblocks was an exceptionally enlightening event that connected like-minded people working tirelessly in the field of patient advocacy and awareness.

Cinderblocks hosts a diverse group of people who work in government, healthcare, crowdfunding and technology. Patients, patient advocates, activists, caregivers, artists and performers were in attendance sharing their voice and wisdom.  Each one driven by their desire for a transformational shift in patients rights within the healthcare system.

The Lifetime Health Diary representatives were warmly welcomed and encouraged to share ideas at the intersection of technology, policy, health and empowerment.  We would like to thank all who made this event so informative and inspirational.

Our team will gladly support many more of these events and have been inspired to host one of our own in Tucson, Arizona, to be held on December 3,4 & 5 2015. Please contact us if you would like to attend.  Stay tuned to learn about how you can participate and join the community for the betterment of healthcare and patient empowerment.

For more information read about #Cinderblocks2


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