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New partner using The Diary CarePro

The Diary Corp recently led a local community resource center in implementing The Diary CarePro™, a provider application for value-based chronic care management. The center’s care team is utilizing CarePro to support members in managing chronic health conditions as well as taking steps toward reversal of conditions, and implementing preventative measures. The aim is improved health for higher overall quality of life.

CarePro functions in tandem with the individual owner’s Diary app, allowing the owner to enter and track a wide range of personal health and lifestyle data. A key interoperability feature of both apps is the means for users to easily communicate across their entire care team, markedly alleviating the problems of disjointed care, scattered or incomplete documentation, and ineffective outcomes tracking.

During implementation of the community resource center project, The Diary Customer Experience Specialist presented The Diary app to members working toward health improvements, and demonstrated primary features and functionality. Hands-on assistance was then provided to members, who began using the app to start tracking the health data most important to each of them. The center’s members responded enthusiastically to the ease of collecting their data all in one place, and the ability to share information instantly with anyone on their care team. The Diary’s Reminders feature was also met with great excitement. “The reminders will be a life-saver”, said one member. “I often forget my evening medications, and The Diary is a great solution for me!”

During the hands-on session, members and care coordinator both created care tasks within the app, based on each member’s unique needs and goals. With the coordinator utilizing CarePro, she is able to contribute to members’ plans, directly assisting in their progress. Throughout the community resource center’s continuing collaboration with members using The Diary, all expect to see improved communication and teamwork, and positive health outcomes achieved.

Kirk Saunders, Population Health Director of The Diary Corp. summarizes the value of The Diary suite of apps, “Patient activation should accelerate as people’s general attitudes toward engaging in their health continues to improve. We are and can stay in the vanguard of companies trying to help everyone on the planet achieve the best possible health at the lowest possible cost, given their unique personal needs and situation.”

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