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Nuviun interviews The Diary Chairman, Kirk Saunders

The Diary Corporation Chairman, Kirk Saunders is interviewed by Jenn Lonzer with, for article “Building a Bridge to Interoperability”. We were very pleased to meet with Jenn, who writes, “This idea of bridge building came up during my interview last week with Kirk Saunders, Chairman of the Board of The Diary Corporation. The Diary Corporation is developing a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution that gives users a way to consolidate, and take private property ownership of, their medical records and other health data in one location. Saunders described the product as a bridge to interoperability.”

Kirk is quoted,

“The problem we have to solve today is trying to get our medical records in a single location. I’ve gone out to get my health information from my providers and about 80% of it is still in paper form. The goal is to try to get all the medical records in one place and then we’ll be layering on additional features. We may be at that tipping point, where for the first time in history there’s the perfect storm of need and understanding and availability of the value and cost of getting the data.”

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