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On collaboration for health teamwork

JP Rangaswami writes very persuasively about the developing themes that drive sucessfull collaboration across the enterprise in his blog post, On Collaboration.

It’s long, but worth reading in full.

The Big Shift to Social Enterprise

He posits that collaboration is part of the “Big Shift” where corporations move to a new mode of operating for the future.  The Big Shift is driven by advances in digital infrastructure and the evolution of public policy.

We agree; healthcare is leading part of this change because of cost driven issues.

Built around Flows

This is a word JP uses to describe places where network effects can be obtained and increasing returns for scale are possible.

We agree: data and collaboration in healthcare is critical to improving care delivery and reducing costs and data flows are the underlying basis for Lifetime Health Diary.

Underpinned by Foundations of Trust

The key here is capturing information in a trusted environment so that learning can occur.  This is not just data for record-keeping sake; it’s about usable information.

For value to be created, artifacts from systems of record need to be made available within the flow of conversation, while keeping in place the privacy and confidentiality structures inherited from the systems of record.

We Agree: Collaboration among a care team vastly improves returns for the patient – the more carers in the team who are collaborating and effectively sharing information, the better the care delivery potential.

Designed to facilitate learning and memory

Making data sharing archival, retrievable and become learning material because machine-code can search and retrieve information and make discovery easy for the user.

We agree: bringing new colleagues onto a care team requires rapid assimilation and learning of a patient’s condition.  Plus the opportunity to share best practice based on real-time cases has to improve front-line health care workers’ skills.

Collaboration for Healthcare

My comments onto JP’s blog are:

Three important themes emerge from your post for Healthcare:

  1. Team collaboration needs to be re-oriented around the patient. One-way data aggregation is sufficient there is often no need for 2-way synchronisation which simplifies the technology.
  2. Email’s ubiquity gives utility to data aggregation from a range of collaborators. But RSS shouldn’t be underestimated either, it’s a low-tech, tried and tested service.
  3. Pattern recognition is a huge area for exploration – the ability to repurpose data and deliver summaries in graphical form enables comprehension by less-technical readers.

In conclusion:

Lifetime health diary is in the vanguard of the Social Enterprise application development that will reinvent how we work and the ways in which collaboration and enabled data flows will make delivery of high quality health care both possible and affordable.

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