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The Diary CarePro™

Reduce the cost of care and improve patient satisfaction.

Prioritize and Manage Care Tasks

Create an efficient and productive workflow for each member of your care team using the Calendar and Task sharing system.

  • Identify patient needs, instantly
  • Create priorities and collaborate with colleagues
  • Maintain continuity of care
  • Send reminders to patients (e.g. assessments, appointments, medications, activities)

Understand Important Medical Information

Use The Diary CarePro’s patient insight platform to access the most important information — all in one place.

  • Utilize patient insights and social determinants for personalized health care tailored to each person’s unique needs
  • Manage provider collaboration
  • Send communications and assessments

Customized Reporting and Analytics

Use the monitoring and evaluation tools for patient and population metrics

  • Monthly outcomes-to-cost comparison
  • Time and productivity indicators
  • Services completed per patient population
  • Utilization, referral, and billing reports

Monitor Patients' Care Plan Adherence

In tandem with the patient’s Diary, The Diary CarePro helps care providers increase patient engagement, reach care plan adherence, and improve outcomes.

  • Leverage bi-directional communication
  • Modify care plan as needed
  • Access key care team information
  • Reduce appointment cadence with remote monitoring and video conferencing

Built on Apple Platforms

Apple’s easy-to-use, secure frameworks are the ideal starting place for optimizing consumer and user adoption.  

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Send Patient Reminders

The Diary’s reminder system notifies patients of important activities

  • Notify patients of upcoming appointments
  • Remind patient to take vital measurements and complete care plan tasks
  • Ensure timely completion of assessments

Ensure Completed Assessments

Improve engagement in ongoing assessments with real-time patient reminders.

  • Customized assessments
  • Onboarding survey
  • Depression Screening (PHQ-9)
  • Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
  • Trauma Assessment: Life Event Checklist

Your patients’ health records are always visible

Dive deeper into medical records as needed
Real-time visibility on daily patient-generated health information
Share data across networks: API & HL7 integration

Respond to Threshold Alerts and Notifications

Visually identify the most critical patient outreach while continuing scheduled care activities.

  • Mitigate risk and improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce administrative work

Maximize Billable Opportunities

Generate an additional revenue stream by billing for Chronic Care Management under code CPT 99490, and offering assessments.

  • Quickly identify and engage eligible patients
  • View requirements progress on a group and individual level
  • Let improved care coordination and outcomes pay for themselves

The Diary CarePro – Executive Insights

"We work in a very unique space between providers, patients, community resources and insurance payers. We have been struggling to find a tool that meets our needs, as well as the needs of our counterparts and practices. As more and more care team members venture into our shared space with the patient, we need to leverage connectivity and efficiencies of technology. This is why The Diary CarePro is so important to me, my team, our community resources, and most importantly to our patients.”

Karen Popp Director of Care Coordination, Large SouthWest ACO

The Diary CarePro – Care Managers

"CarePro is a useful tool that helps us to track and manage our pt. interventions. I think it is a good program with a lot of potential value."

Beth C. Care Advocate/ Social Worker

"I have been using CarePro for a little over 5 months. It is a wonderful tool and takes the stress out of documenting in a patient's record. It has basically everything I need to document and track a patient's progress, without a bunch of unnecessary steps."

Betsy M. Care Advocate

The Diary App – Patient Experience

"Downloaded this when it was recommended by my caregiver. It's a great app. The Apple Watch version helps me keep track of my medication schedule. Love it!!"

Chronic Care Patient

"Great app for Health tracking. The timeline is very nice and the Diary app is a great complement to the Apple Health app! Looking forward to future enhancements!"

Engaged Health Tracker