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The Diary CarePro™

Enterprise platform to achieve better health outcomes, lower costs of care, and improved provider and patient satisfaction.


  • Increase your patient-to-staff ratio by reducing staff time on documentation
  • Provide a higher quality of coordinated care at a reduced cost
  • Maintain continuity of care

Create an efficient and streamlined workflow

Use The Diary CarePro’s customizable dashboard to:

  • Access important information — all in one place
  • Make decisions and manage tasks collaboratively 
  • Create priorities and collaborate with colleagues 
  • Set up and monitor non-critical alerts

Put patients at the center of their care

  • Better relate to patients with a single-page overview of important personal and health information
  • Track patient health information, conditions, allergies, and tasks on a care card
  • Create, save, and share pertinent care notes
  • Configure the view for the features most important for engaging and treating each individual

Deliver fully-coordinated, timely care plans

  • Share and update a single view of each individual’s care plan with the entire care team
  • Identify problems/goals, patient and care team tasks, and service schedule

Improve health data tracking

  • Collect and review personal health information in real time
  • Track real-time progress on health related goals
  • Share data across networks with common, up-to-date data sharing protocols
  • Import data from medical devices and other Apple Health apps
  • Gain direct input from government-approved devices: blood pressure cuff, glucometer, pulse oximeter, and scale

Easily send digital surveys and assessments and improve completion results

  • Create customized surveys and assessments such as:
    • Onboarding surveys
    • Social determinants of health
    • Patient satisfaction surveys
    • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Store surveys and assessments in libraries for revision and reuse
  • Send customized surveys and assessments to individuals or groups of patients

Deliver virtual care with ease

CarePro gives both patients and their care team instant connectivity via audio and video calling and secure messaging.

The Diary CarePro™ Features

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