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The Diary® App

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and communicate with your care team

New Feature! Sharing your Diary is easy.

Share access to your Diary with caregivers, providers, friends, and family. You can set how much or how little access you share with each Guest. By sharing your Diary with trusted care managers, you can achieve better communication and health improvements. Sharing is entirely up to you.

Easy-to-use, organized and accurate

The Diary provides an organized and accurate way to track clinical records, medications, body measurements, activities, vitals, feelings, symptoms, and other factors that make up one’s health picture.

Simply Tap, Talk, and the built-in health assistant does the rest

No need for cumbersome data entry – The Diary comes with an easy to read and thoughtful interface. Use the mobile app’s built-in health assistant – tell your Diary about your daily health and lifestyle activities and let technology take care of the details.

Give it a try – use Voice Entry on your iPhone or Apple Watch to test the following statement, “I took ibuprofen yesterday at 1:30” and see how the Diary organizes your information.

Available on Apple Watch and iPhone
watch the diary

Never forget a care activity or medication again.

Care Completion

The mobile app for iPhone and Apple Watch uses the Care Card module of CareKit to let you easily track and receive reminders for health goals and activities — like medications, appointments, measuring vitals, and exercising — to better meet your care needs. Studies show that monitoring your progress increases your likelihood of meeting your goals.

The Diary App Features

Health Data Tracking

  • Graphing and Charting
  • Syncs with Apple Health Data (includes data collected by medical devices)


  • Customizable Dashboard

Goal Setting and Daily Tasks

  • Daily Care Items, Scheduling and Reminders
  • Medication Reminders, Automatic Data Tracking
  • Apple Watch App Available

File Storage and Sharing

  • Upload and manage your important files: prescriptions, labs, insurance papers, immunizations
  • Email, Print, Save files

Personal Health Record (Available on Web App)

  • CCD Files – Medical Records
  • Timeline – 360-Degree View of Health

User Management

  • Unlimited Permission-based Sharing

Security and Privacy

  • End-to-end Encryption and Secure Authentication
  • Privacy meets HIPAA requirements

Health Data Types

  • Active Energy
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Fat
  • Bowel Movements
  • BMI
  • Body Temperature
  • Exercise Activity
  • Exercise Minute
  • Feelings
  • Health Activity
  • Heart Rate
  • Height
  • Medications Taken
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Respiration Rate
  • Sleep
  • Stand Hour
  • Steps
  • Symptoms
  • Urination
  • Waist Circumference
  • Water Intake
  • Weight

Available on any device

The Diary web and mobile apps help you gain greater insights into your health.

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360 Degree view of Health™

It’s easy. Activate your mobile app to sync Apple Health for accurate device and sensor readings. For example, use your wireless scale to watch monthly BMI and weight trends from your app’s Dashboard. Use your wireless blood pressure monitor to see how your blood pressure readings are affected by medication. Compare this with your other health activities and start compiling the most complete and correlated health story, all accessible through your web portal. Share this with your doctor or care team for better health outcomes.

Your Health at a Glance™


You don’t have to use The Diary everyday to effectively manage your health. When a symptom appears or changes, or a new medication or vitamin is started or stopped, or a reaction of any kind is experienced, etc., it is a good idea to enter that information in your app. Gain health insights by viewing your symptoms over time through your web portal.

Keep important health information safe

While traveling or in case of emergency, rest assured your health information is available at your fingertips. Keep medical test results, health provider contacts, insurance information, and prescriptions in your Files. Simply create PDFs and securely store all your physical or digital documents, accessible via mobile or web.

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View your Health Timeline on The Diary Web App

Use the Diary to be an informed, engaged, and active participant in your care. Our services will help you easily obtain, organize and understand medical content and assist you in optimizing your records for your unique use – from anywhere, anytime.

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