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The Diary® App

An easy-to-use app for individuals that is part of the CarePro platform. The Diary personalizes the user’s health journey and connects them to their care team.

Personal Health App

As part of the CarePro platform, The Diary app improves collaboration through real-time care planning and health information sharing between care teams and patients. Patients can:

  • track efficacy of treatment and care plans
  • view their patient health data
  • sync medical device and health app data through Apple Health
  • respond to assessments and surveys
  • set reminders for daily health activities
  • communicate with their care team
  • share with natural supports – family, friends, and caregivers
  • store and share clinical records, labs, and test results

Easy-to-use, organized and accurate

All data from The Diary is automatically synced with CarePro. 

Create Surveys and Assessments with Ease

Create, send, and manage surveys in minutes without software development fees. 

Useful for All Levels of Participation

Levels of Patient Engagement

Level 1 : Involved Level 2 : Activated Level 3 : Engaged
Participates at Basic Level
Works with Care Team, receives calls, and fills in completes Surveys and Assessments



Communicates with Care Team
Initiates and accepts Audio and Video Calling


Tracks Health Information
Medications, Activities, Symptoms, Pain, Vitals


Shares Decision-Making
Participates in care planning, sets health goals, engages in self-care, and gives feedback on outcomes and experiences

Leveraging Relationship-Centered Care

  • Includes natural support – friends, family, and caregivers
  • Facilitates communication between provider, patient, health system, and community
  • Supports appointment and care plan adherence
  • Helps gather important social determinant information
  • Provides unique insights allowing the care team to personalize patient care

The Diary® Features

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