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Reducing Hospital Functions is a Big Opportunity

6836397097_45b236b99f_mIt turns out that UK hospitals might be “slim[ming] down, clos[ing], or both” according to Denis Campbell writing on the issue for The Guardian. More elderly patients mean more work for hospitals and they simply can’t handle the volume. In

fact, up to “50%” of “what’s currently done in hospitals could or should be done elsewhere” says Michael Dixon of the CCG.


What does all this mean for UK healthcare?

  • Workers having to be retrained and moved into community settings.
  • Medical histories have to be shared by more and more institutions as work is privatized or simply split between more work areas.
  • As more patients are encouraged to be looked after from home, those caring for them will need consistent and simple access to their medical records.

The answer is simple: Lifetime Health Diary

By having an easy-to-understand summary of health condition, community health workers wouldn’t have to learn new systems and all authorized people can have easy access to information in a hassle-free manner about each specific patient. This also includes the patient themselves and their family caregivers.

Hey, perhaps if those hospitals were already on Lifetime Health Diary they’d have the administrative prowess to handle this influx of patients!

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