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Regina Holliday Recommends Lifetime Health Diary at HIMMS

One of the most recognized and active patient advocates, Regina Holliday gives Lifetime Health Diary an outstanding review at this years HIMSS, the Regina-Still-1-300x193biggest gathering and display of Electronic Health Records in the entire USA, with all the most prominent and promising vendors in attendance.

“A vendor company doing the right thing. The only EHR company that has a lifetime time line with clinical data and life events…”

When asked Regina during an interview to identify a conference vendor headed in the right direction, she exclaims, “My Lifetime Health Diary that was originally out of New Zealand, and then went to Arizona, I love them! Have you ever seen them?” She continues raving: “Okay, they’re the only EHR platform that I have ever seen that has a lifetime timeline that is, when you first open it, you see the life of the patient. You see all major clinical events, and life events. So, for instance, this man’s wife died in 2007, and anti-depressant meds start one month later. All that’s there!”

Interviewer: ” That’s wonderful isn’t it? This is how we teach children.”

Listen to the 1 minute snippet of Regina’s mention of Lifetime Health Diary

Everyone has a story, and everyone should tell it. We are going to prove that patients want and need their health records’. People need to ask for their records electronically. We need to share data.

Regina continues to point out the value Lifetime Health Diary has by managing health data on a single timeline, “Why aren’t we doing this? But you see, the problem was a whole bunch of EMR companies, and EHR companies, they came from trying to convert a paper chart, and they made online paper charts, that’s what they did. And they don’t’ realize, we are in a totally different world of technology. You can make that screen do whatever you want to do.”

In 2011, Regina initiated what would become a celebrated event for Patient Advocates, the Walking Gallery. This project was inspired by her husband’s death from cancer and their difficulty in obtaining medical records in a timely manner. The ordeal, as challenging and emotional as it was, has spirited Regina to become one of the most active and nationally recognized patient advocates.

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