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Regional Center for Border Health in Arizona gains first mover advantage with Lifetime Health Diary™ USA launch

As part of its mission to improve the availability, accessibility and quality of healthcare services throughout Western Arizona and the Arizona-Mexico Border Region, the Regional Center for Border Health, AZ, is launching a new system in the US to facilitate coordinated care for at-risk patients in the community. This is the next phase in development of the center’s successful Patient Navigator best practice model first launched in September 2010.

Lifetime Health Diary™ is a patient-centered web-based diary which will assist Patient Navigators to better support patients and improve health outcomes for the wider community. The Diary will capture information specific to each individual patient that Navigators depend on to provide education, develop health management plans and monitor progress. Each patient’s information is correlated with extracted clinical information including laboratory results and dispensed medications, and displayed onto a one page summary, presenting the patient’s current health and wellbeing.

In addition to the Patient Navigators, the full coordinated care team including physicians, specialists, registered nurses, pharmacists and physician assistants will be able to view the Diary’s easy-to-understand summary of patient health.

To enable patient engagement and empowerment, patients who use the internet will be able to access and add information, and their family members and primary caregivers will also be able to view and use the Diary with patient permission. This will assist in breaking down data silos, and act as an educational and self-management tool for patients and their wider care team.

Amanda Aguirre, M.A.,R.D. President and CEO, Regional Center for Border Health, AZ says,

“Delivering improved health services with greater efficiency is part of our mission and we see Lifetime Health Diary™ as a fantastic tool that will enable us to meet our obligations and continue to demonstrate our thought leadership in community healthcare.”

Hamish MacDonald, Founder and CEO, Lifetime Health Diary says,

“The Regional Center for Border Health, AZ (RCBH), is an ideal client for us to introduce the Diary to the US market. RCBH has already created a ‘culture of care’ with a very high level of care coordination throughout its system. The Diary will enhance the frameworks already in place to provide even more individualized, timely and efficient care.”

The Diary is scheduled to be implemented at RCBH by May of 2013. The overall goal of the program is to demonstrate improvements in health outcomes, workflow efficiencies and health system savings. Most importantly, to keep patients healthy in their homes and community settings, and for the entire coordinated care team to respond and intervene more quickly when necessary.

About Regional Center for Border Health, AZ

The mission of the Regional Center for Border Health, AZ, is to improve the availability and accessibility of healthcare services by establishing a comprehensive center for primary care and promoting vocational health training programs throughout Western Arizona and the Arizona-Mexico Border Region
For more information contact:
Alex Bejarano, Director of Public Relations
Tel: +1 928-627-9222

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