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Release of The Diary CarePro in Japan

TGAIA Inc., the Japan sales and support representative of The Diary Corp, is pleased to announce the Japanese product release of The Diary CarePro. TGAIA is offering a 30-day free usage promotional period for organizations wanting to test The Diary CarePro.

Simultaneously, an upgrade of partner app The Diary, designed to help individuals maintain and promote health, has added new benefits such as sharing health data easily with family and friends or informal caregivers.

Designed to be used in tandem with patients using The Diary app, The Diary CarePro enables healthcare provider organizations to more easily care for patients in community and remote settings with:
– Superior Diary app voice recognition technology allowing voice-inputted information to be visualized by both patient and care team
– Easy customization allowing users (physicians, care managers, etc.) to select the screen composition most applicable to them
– Alerting functions and task reminders allowing care team members to change guidance to patients in real time as needed
– iOS Diary app compatible (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch)
– Manage and share image data easily, involving the patient and family whenever needed

Key new benefits of The Diary upgrade:
– “Mimamori” function (literally “looking after the patient” function) allows patients to invite unlimited numbers of caregivers to their Diary, and caregivers are able to view up to 5 different patient Diaries for free
– Images such as photos can also be shared

See the full news release in Japanese here. To learn more about The Diary in Japan, visit TGAIA.

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