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Why “Bank Grade Security” is not enough

When it comes to your medical information, there are some critical security practices that can be used, and surprisingly these advanced protocols to keep your information safe are not practiced by everyone! […]

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Your Health Story Matters To Doctors. Here’s why.

A few days ago I wrote about “How To Own & Control Your Medical Records”,  and after writing this piece I thought it was important to hear from some doctors. […]

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How To Own & Control Your Medical Records

Wall Street Journalist, Melinda Beck, recently wrote a great piece, “How to Take Charge of Your Medical Records”. The advice is simple and powerful, but unfortunately, it’s also difficult to […]

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Why would I care what my patients think?

In 2011 I flew from Dunedin, New Zealand, with a colleague to visit a well-respected Primary Health Organization (PHO) in the northern part of the North Island. The CEO was […]

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Care Coordination – It’s time for our family and friends.

Too often care coordination is considered to be something that only happens to be between professional members of a healthcare team. Yet, we know that most healthcare happens at home […]

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Bastille Day + The Storming of The Diary

Today, we reflect upon the history of liberation and celebrate the official launch of Lifetime Health Diary. Both days mark a moment within our history where a revolution took place. For us, […]

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Lifetime Health Diary in Action – Seeing my fathers medical records come to life

Last week I saw my father’s medical records come to life on the screen in front of me. It was quite a moment, and a long time coming. That we […]

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How to set up your very own Clinical Trial through ABA testing

I hope in time we can help millions of people around the world conduct their very own “clinical trial”. I believe that lives depend on it.   Let’s first discuss […]

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Kim Goodsell: ‘Patient of the Future’ gets her first Lifetime Health Diary

  Kim should probably not be alive today. That was the medical industry’s prognosis for her in the 1990’s. That she is alive is a testament to the hard work […]

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The Culture of Lifetime Health Diary

As a growing, innovative company, the culture of our community at Lifetime Health Diary looks very different than what you may have seen before. Right away, you’ll notice that the […]

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