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Security and Data Ownership

Our commitment – Protecting your data privacy and security.

We’re committed to protecting health data privacy and security while simultaneously empowering individuals and healthcare organizations to achieve their goals. Please read our privacy policy for more information. Should you have any security or privacy policy concerns, our Kindness Care representatives are here to assist you.

Data Encryption

The Diary protects tenants’/users’ identities and credentials during authentication.

Data Ownership

Your Diary and all of its content belong to you. You have control over your Diary and how much of Your Data you share with others.

Data Storage

The Diary Corporation backs up all data regularly. This enables The Diary Corporation to restore PHI in case of data loss in primary storage.

Lost or Stolen Device

Data is secure if devices are lost or stolen. Currently, no PHI data is stored on the user’s device.

Data Integrity

Where The Diary Corporation handles PHI, we always use authentication best-practices.

Record Maintenance

It is the policy of The Diary Corporation to maintain records in compliance with the federal privacy rule and state laws.

Retaining Records

It is the policy of The Diary Corporation to retain its records for the periods provided by in the strictest of controlling regulation and must be readily accessible in a reasonable time period, usually for 6 years under the HIPAA requirements.

Data Storage after Cancellation

Customer data is retained after users cancel their service. Data is only removed upon customer request.