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Seth Godin’s simple form that could save your life – IMPROVED

Todays wisdom from Seth Godin is about a health form based on a google document that records all of your personal basic health information.

That’s exactly what Lifetime Health Diary does – it allows you the freedom to record once all the information that’s pertinent to YOUR health – and then share it with anyone who needs it.  Like a visiting medical doctor who you see when you get sick on vacation and won’t see ever again.  Grant her access by email and then when the need passes, withdraw that access.

Here’s a summary of Seth’s key data points for personal health and in italics the LHD fields that cover off that option

  • personal contact information profile
  • primary care physician your care giver
  • insurance
  • current medications medical history
  • allergic reactions lifestyle
  • chronic illnesses medical history
  • previous illnesses medical history
  • family history medical history
  • social history lifestyle
  • lifestyle lifestyle
  • administration profile
It’s great that Terry Heaton, Dave Winer and Dr Sackner Bernstein are aware of this issue.
What we are working on are NOT the middle class folks who care about their health; but the chronically ill with multiple conditions who are less able or willing to work hard on their personal health care.
Knowing which techniques work and what does not work is informing care workers and family members so that the patient’s health remains as good as possible, their health diary remains as up to date as possible and data silos are cut down so that the care team can start to do their job – caring – without chasing paper.

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